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with the #1 Bodyguard Network in the World.

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You can trust Bodyguard For Hire Network to validate the best Bodyguards to protect you, your home and business from any potential threats. Our superior network and screening process will provide you with the safety and security that you need and deserve.

How long does it take for my listing to be approved?

Your listings will be approved withing 1 hour. Please ensure your listing has at least 1 profile picture. Listings without the image of the bodyguard will be disapproved.

How can I get my listing verified or featured?

Please submit a request via the Claim Listing link at the bottom of the page to receive further details on the verification and featured listing process.

How can I edit my existing listing?

Log in your Bodyguard Account

Go to My Listing -> Active Listings ->Hover Over the Listing->Click Edit

Bodyguard For Hire is the ultimate security network and is also the leader of the market with bodyguards available world-wide.

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